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Waiting for Me

I’ve been sitting here waiting

waiting for me

to decide who I am

who I want to be

I’ve been lying here thinking

thinking to much

losing my sanity

losing my touch

I’ve been standing here wondering

wondering too long

pondering where did

it go wrong

I’ve been running forever

away from it all

But now I have stumbled

I’ve taken a fall

‘Cause I’ve lost my mother

my friend, my mentor

who was waiting for me

by the front door

She then trekked down the road

’cause she just couldn’t wait

fell down, hit her head

and succumbed to her fate

Still I’m waiting for me

to come back again

after losing my mother

my one true friend.

20140511_184327_Android (2)In Loving Memory

Dolores G. Johnson

7-13-32 ~ 7-25-14

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Angels Message 9/14/14

Greetings Children of the one who created us all.

Know that you are loved and cherished unconditionally. In a world where there is unrest, we want you to know we are here to assist. Just call upon us, the Angels of the one who created us all, and we will come. There is no need to feel alone as you are not and never have been alone. We have always been here quietly and patiently waiting for you to ask us in. Please do not be afraid or feel unworthy…we are all one and there cannot be any judgement, for there is no judgement from the one who created us all. We Angels come only with pure love for you and to gently guide you in your life here on Earth. Be open and we will gladly help you on your journey.

With love and peace for all of creation. the Angels.