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The Kingdom of God is Within You

The Kingdom of God is within you…I’ve heard that before, but didn’t quite understand or believe it until now.  But to grasp the meaning or realize the very depth of it is awesome, yet it is simple.  You, me, him, her, all of us, every single person is walking around with the Kingdom of God within them.  Right inside them, living and breathing every thing each person lives and breathes.

Just think, all that you experience, God experiences right along with you; If you could grasp this, you would never feel along or afraid again. We cannot exist as a human race without him for he is the “Source” of all things.  Some people refer to God as the Source and that is fine for he is all things and all things are him.  The Source is the very thing that gives life to the universe or it wouldn’t exist.  Just like electricity gives life to a light bulb, without it, it wouldn’t work.

Your soul understands this and knows that the Source/God is there within you at all times.  You sometimes feel overwhelmed during times of despair or anguish, unfair twists in life, death, disaster, disease, poverty…yet God is there but we have forgotten and our emotions take over.

If we would just reconnect to our soul it will open the doorway to re-membering.  The soul urges you by appealing to your intuition or gut feelings. It guides you by subtle hints on which path to take in your life.  And yes, sometimes we choose to ignore it and go our own human way, we listen to the outside or the conscious mind and choose not to look within where we are guided by the Source/God.  And that can get us into trouble.

That is the ultimate reason why we experience negative events in our life.  When we chose to go in our own direction, things can get very complicated.  We are not allowing our truth (or Intuition) to guide us on the right path.  And since we have “Free Will” to hear the truth, to fabricate the truth or ignore the truth, God waits patiently till we connect again and find our truth.

But no matter what truth we chose to follow, Source/God will always be there inside the vehicle we call the Body.   Just like I am using my computer to type these words on this blog as a vehicle to share with all who read it, Source/God uses us as a vehicle to experience all that we experience  which is, after all, what life is all about…to Experience.  We need only live life to the fullest and enjoy all the experiences, knowing that they are ultimately shared with God in every way, every moment, every day!!!


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