Where do I begin?

It’s just about 3am in NY and I’m in bed with laptop on lap thinking to myself….where do I begin my first post.  What do I say?  Who will care what I have to say?    So then I begin reading some posts by other ordinary people like me, I thought….shit I can do this.  Nothing to it right?  But still I procrastinate a bit longer.  I feel intimidated, like when I was young and in school and the teacher asked us to write an essay about a subject I knew little about, I squirmed in my seat, fiddled with my pencil, started to daydream…you get the picture right?  So do I tell you about myself.  Why I started this blog in the first place or keep it simple for now and just leave it at this.  Baby steps says my fiance’….baby steps.


2 thoughts on “Where do I begin?

  1. Throw it all out there! Some people will like it, some won’t, and some won’t read a word of it, and others will comment while some read in silence. Thw writing is really for you – but it is surprising just how many people find something that they connect with. Good luck!

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